Independent Patient Advocate Consulting Services
Supporting the Metro Detroit, Michigan Communities
(Wayne and Oakland Counties)

Living a healthy life—mind, body and soul—is what we want for ourselves and everyone we care about.  But, it can be complicated, particularly when a medical issue arises.  Whether that’s a scheduled surgery, a life-changing diagnosis or the realities of aging, the way forward is often overwhelming.  So many decisions to make.  So much to read, research and sort out.  So many appointments.  So many opinions.  How do you take care of it all AND have any energy left focus on the most important goal:  your health—or the health of your loved one?

You probably don’t.  And, you don’t have to.  Instead, let’s work together to create a plan to help increase the chance of better outcomes—for you or someone you love.  Together is Better. Let’s get started:

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