About Colleen Sweeney

I was raised in Detroit, Michigan, by parents who modeled the importance of advocating for those in need, caring for others is literally in my genes.  Focusing this care on those with healthcare issues evolved over time, and has accelerated over the past decade based on my own personal medical issues as well as those of my friends and family:

  • Cancer, from diagnosis through treatment to end-of-life planning
  • Spinal injuries, torn cartilage, detached retinas and a host of other injuries
  • Strokes, memory loss and the many realities of aging
  • Heart Disease, including open heart surgery
  • Senior health support for a variety of medical challenges

Colleen Sweeney - Life Advocacy PartnersThose are just a few of the life-altering situations I’ve navigated and continue
to manage.  Sometimes I have been at the center of the storm.  Often, I’ve been
on the “outside” trying to ensure my loved ones were getting the care they needed
and deserved.  It was never easy, generally frustrating and sometimes infuriating.
None of which is conducive to health.

Enough!  It was time to take the planning and organizational skills I had built over decades in the meetings and events industry and put them to even better use—to help people who are facing a health challenge or crisis. After all, after implementing hundreds of events, each with their own unique set of demands and expectations, I have learned to remain calm and navigate through tough situations.

Now, as an independent patient advocate (supporting the Metro Detroit, Michigan communities), I can provide consulting services to assist you with care coordination to help you:

  • Gain more control of the situation
  • Make the system work for you
  • Identify the resources that fit your needs
  • Coordinate efforts among medical professionals, support staff and family members
  • Work toward more positive outcomes

Certainly, this is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.  As such, I will always work to build your trust
in me and my expertise, which is supported by the following: