I am looking for an independent patient advocate to assist me with my own health concerns

Consulting Services

It’s your life.  You deserve to be in control of your health-related decisions.  I respect that and offer consulting services to help you evaluate your situation and create a plan tailored to your specific needs. Together.

Your job is to get healthy and/or stay healthy.  My job is to make that less stressful for you.  I’ll be here to offer the support you need—gathering information and doing the legwork to help you secure the resources you need, which will vary based on the type of issue you are facing:

Short-term, such as a surgery or treatment protocol to address a specific issue—planned or unexpected.  You may want support at the hospital and or post-event support, in your home or at a specialized facility

Mid-term, for conditions that involve multiple appointments and procedures over time to reach resolution including chemotherapy and radiation protocols.  Or, perhaps an event that will require rehabilitation services—in home or at a specialized facility—for weeks or even months.

Long-term, to address chronic conditions such as diabetes, degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis or the issues commonly associated with aging including the host of services required to maintain independent living.

End-of-life decisions, which can run the spectrum of knowing your options to aligning your family members to best ensure your wishes are honored, in terms of your health care

In all cases, my emphasis will be on your quality of life.  Your whole life—body, mind and soul.  This includes being respectful of your spiritual journey, whatever religion you may practice or the fact that religion may not play any role at all in your decisions.

Consulting services I can provide in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area include:

  • Serving as your companion—accompanying you to appointments or staying at your bedside during hospital stays or at treatment/rehabilitation facilities
  • Advocating on your behalf in the hospital setting—monitoring service, facilitating communication across all of your healthcare professionals and speaking to your healthcare providers and/or family members
  • Identifying and providing referrals for local and national resources for your immediate and ongoing needs
  • Working through the system—making phone calls, completing forms, tracking down medical records
  • Researching your options, to include:
    • Evidence-based research related to diagnosis and treatments, for discussions with physicians and family members
    • Securing healthcare services such as:
      • Appropriate providers/practitioners
      • In-home nursing care, home therapy and rehabilitation
      • Assisted-living and nursing home options
      • Pain management
      • Transportation specialists—and I can accompany you via a transportation provider
    • Guidance in identifying and securing the following:
      • Hospice care
      • Patient care/case management
      • Medical billing
      • Legal services
      • Medicine distribution assistance

Consulting Process and Fees

Initial Phone Consultation:

15-minute phone consultation to determine that I can be of assistance: Complimentary

Assessment Meeting:

First appointment to discuss current medical situation and define your needs and goals: $150.00

Consulting Agreement:

Develop an action plan, create contract and scope of work:
Fees will vary based on the time and types of services requested

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