Taking Charge of the Situation:
Colleen has been my health advocate for the past several years.  I endured a serious spinal fracture and was misdiagnosed by my doctor.  I went downhill rapidly.  Colleen intervened, secured a new orthopedic surgeon
and internist, advocated for me from my surgery to hospital stay through to my post hospital rehabilitation.
Colleen had a strong sense of what was wrong and was assertive with the doctors to ensure I got the immediate care and treatments I neededMichael C.

Coordinating Service for Efficient Care:
I am a senior with multiple health issues.  Colleen has been my advocate for the past several years.  She was concerned about the number of doctors I had been seeing—especially that they did not communicate with each other or look at “the big picture” that was my health profile.  She secured a new Senior Internist for me and it has made a world of difference.  Colleen has been my bedside companion in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities.  She has been outspoken—as was appropriate—when I was not getting the attention I needed or when I received conflicting information.  I am certain an incident at an Emergency Room would have been fatal if she had not been by my side.  Marie M.

Supporting the Patient’s Family:
When my wife became very ill, we thought she was “depressed.”  Colleen was convinced that something else was going on and insisted on medical attention.  It turned out my wife had a very aggressive cancer that had invaded very quickly.  Our family was devastated, ignorant and in denial.  Colleen became the voice for my wife, during her illness as well as when she was to make end-of-life decisions.  Every family going through this situation needs an outside advocate who can be the voice of the patient and can look at the medical options—factually versus emotionally.  Charles R.

Streamlining the Process:
Colleen and I have many shared experiences in caring for our family members, especially elderly parents.  Both of us learned much by “trial and error” as most people must.  But, since she became an independent patient advocate, I have turned to her for more professional support.  I trust her insight and recommendations.  I’m sure future incidents will be less stressful knowing I can turn to Colleen for her expertise.  Patti P.